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7th Antibody Drugs & Novel Biological Summit 2017

2017 Enmore Bio Conference (EBC 2017) is organized by Enmore Healthcare, with thousands of participants every year. EBC will focus on precision medicine, covering diagnosis, cure and pharmacy industry, meanwhile, integrating the relevant policy direction, market investment, development of techniques, and clinical application into those topics. EBC has provided an international crossover platform to promote the development of health industry for decision makers, promoting the innovation cooperation of healthcare industry.

Antibody drug in the world and China has been concerned for many years from the generic to the new drug research. Not only large pharmaceutical companies in Europe and USA but also emerging markets in Asia flood into this area. Changes of policy and market have brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to this field. However, at this stage, the antibody drug development, production, clinical and other aspects are still need to be improved. Policy guidance also will bring an unprecedented impact on the future of the industry.

We sincerely invite you to join in EBC 2017, looking forward to your attendance! And also thanks for your great support to Enmore Bio Conference.