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3rd Immunotherapy Industry Summit 2017

2017 Enmore Bio Conference (EBC 2017) is organized by Enmore Healthcare, with thousands of participants every year. EBC will focus on precision medicine, covering diagnosis, cure and pharmacy industry, meanwhile, integrating the relevant policy direction, market investment, development of techniques, and clinical application into those topics. EBC has provided an international crossover platform to promote the development of health industry for decision makers, promoting the innovation cooperation of healthcare industry.

Cellular immunotherapy, has bright prospect and infinite market share, making numerous scientists and investors pour into it. However, with some accidents in this treatment, many questions arise. However, every new technology, is always accompanied by controversy. These controversies bring us to calmly and deeply think about this industry, and difficulties. Policy guidance, the demand of market, technical breakthrough, these will accompany the cellular immunotherapy to better times.

We sincerely invite you to join in EBC 2017, looking forward to your attendance! And also thanks for your great support to Enmore Bio Conference.